I’ve stepped through the looking glass,

Fallen out the back of an auspicious wardrobe,

And piercéd reality with an all too subtle knife.

I am now the plucked bird cast forth before congress:

“Behold! A man!”

… what’s worse,

A cry to battle, a lie?


Homo homini Lupus,

But who is man to wolf?

Ubi cogito ibi sum?

To think therefore you are?

“Or, you are, or so I think?”

f (you) = my mom + me?

… haunting Hamlet’s spectral matron

Cogito ergo me?


You say, the master wears the blood-soaked shackles of the slave,

And posit the slave then holds the key,

A menagerie of brilliant academic apparatus,

… what else can we bury deep inside this human trap?

I hope it’s not another magic rabbit surgically shrouded in that terrible beaver skin hat…

A lie? A truth? I see?

Now we’re dancing, drunk, exalting, naked, screaming scripture from our pub room pulpit on high,

“But, the important question, will there be communion for my wedding day?”


The cell can live forever,

… Within every timeless turn, the body must always die.

The cell will keep forever,

… To stare upon forever, forever the body abides.

“release me from my prison cell!”

Prison cell?

That claustrophobic concrete contraption?

That monochrome box you built yourself?

Or, is it the ever-exalted church of godless order?

Or, the orthopaedic carriage for the uncanny, a mobile home for the mind?

And what of those immortal trappings of bloodless, narcissistic suicide?

… “immortal, really? Everything must die.”


Plato casts his robes upon the sallow flesh rotting, stinking, festering at his feet.


A gasp,


“But, the sultry bounds of pure reason!

Seductive, sumptuous, immortal logic of the mystological mind!”


Rapacious retreat from the conflagration, the eternal dumpster fire,

… equality for all!

… freedom for the mind!

… another second more!

… the truth is here to find!

I spare a silent second,

I remember,

“Chickens without feathers are cold!”

…behold? A man…

… a whimper, a gasp, a feckless cry.