All the Stories!

Want a list of all the stories I’ve written in reverse chronological order? Well you’re in luck! Here is a list of everything ordered from newest to oldest. If you’re looking for the beginning of a longer title, click on the “stories” in the menu on the left for a list.

The shorts will be just a title, the longs will be “title – chapter – scene.” To start reading from the beginning you’ll need to find chapter 1 – scene 1. The easiest way to do this is by selecting the title in the left hand menu. Now, one small problem with the long stories is that I can’t reverse the pagination order in WordPress, so at the end of each chapter click “previous” instead of “next” for the next chapter.

Keep in mind: all of these stories are in their first draft, they are not finished. I do not publish polished versions on this site, I use the polished versions to submit to publishers. The final version may be wildly different from the version you will find here. I hope that, regardless, you will enjoy the lives of my characters and the ideas that I present. First drafts are where I rough out the plot so you will get a good idea of what the overall idea is going to be. If you have any questions or comments feel free to click on “Contact Me” in the menu or simply leave a comment at the end of each post.

So, now it’s time to click on something and start reading!

Josh’s Simple GPA Calculator

Are you sick of having to do math to calculate your GPA? Do you want a simple, automatic spreadsheet...

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Heal the Body, Destroy the Mind: A Critical Study of Pat Barker’s Regeneration

In this paper, I will demonstrate that Pat Barker’s Regeneration is a misleading attempt to...

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The Virtuoso: A Poem in Four-Four Time

Toner on paper, but notes, or incapable type? In the key of tonic metaphor, minor allegio at...

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Bareback Subculture, Reproductive Futurism, and the Death Drive

In this paper, I will demonstrate that while Edelman’s reproductive futurism and Dean’s...

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What do I Want to be When I Grow Up? AKA The Existential Dread of the English Major

Yesterday, after my comrades and I had wrapped up our declaration of SJ War on the entirety of...

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The Chicken

I don’t always write poetry, but when I do it’s weird. This poem is the result of too...

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My Mother’s Penis – Deconstructing Freud and Lacan

In The Signification of the Phallus Lacan writes: “it is Freud’s discovery that gives to the...

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A Look into Canada’s Hate Crime Laws

I had assumed that a hate crime – in my uninitiated opinion – is a crime motivated by some form...

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10 Rules for Effective Writing

You don’t have to write for other people to enjoy your work, but, if for some reason you want...

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Carrie Fischer Drowns in Moonlight, Strangled by Her Own Bra

Carrie Fischer, beloved metal bikini wearing alcoholic, has joined the legion of artists, actors,...

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