Josh Harkema - Critical Theory, Cultural Theory, Deconstruction, and World News

Hello and welcome to my blog/personal repository dedicated to deconstruction, critical and cultural theory. I am currently a second-year undergraduate English student at the University of Calgary, I plan to complete a Master’s and Ph.D. in the field of English with a focus on deconstruction, and applying the theories of deconstruction to cultural and social norms.

Thanks to Dr. David Sigler, an English professor at the U of C, my whole life’s focus has changed from creative writing to academic writing. The ideas of great writers have overwhelmed me; writers like Derrida, DeMan, Marx (and Engles,) Althusser, Foucault, and many, many more. I plan to continue to write creatively, but have changed my academic focus 100% on to critical theory and English literature.

On this site, I will post my undergraduate essays – after they’ve been graded of course – my thoughts on world events, philosophy, and politics. I will use this site as a launch-pad with the hope of connecting to other like-minded thinkers. Please feel free to contact me by using the ‘Contact Me’ link in the side bar.